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Courses Offered

Undergraduate Programmes
NSUT offers following branches B.Tech Programmes at the Undergraduate Level:
  1. B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering
  2. B.Tech in Computer Engineering
  3. B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (with specialisation in Artificial lntelligence)
  4. B.Tech in Mathematics and Computing
  5. B.Tech in Electrical Engineering
  6. B.Tech in Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  7. B.Tech in Manufacturing Process and Automation Engineering
  8. B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering
  9. B.Tech in Information Technology
  10. B.Tech in Bio-Technology

NSUT Delhi has been admitting students to its undergraduate programmes on the basis of marks obtained by them in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) - MAIN, which is been conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) every year.

Postgraduate Programmes
At the Post-Graduate(M.Tech.) level NSUT has the following programs:
  1. M.Tech. in Computer Science
  2. M.Tech. in Signal Processing
  3. M.Tech. in Embedded System & VLSI
  4. M.Tech. in Process Control M.Tech. in Communication and Networking
  5. M.Tech. in Industrial Electronics
  6. M.Tech. in Mechatronics
  7. M.Tech. in Production Engineering
  8. M.Tech. in Engineering Management
  9. M.Tech. in CAD CAM M. Tech in Manufacturing Process & Automation
  10. M.Tech. in Biochemical Engineering
  11. M.Tech. in Bioinformatics M.Tech. in Nano Technology

NSUT Delhi has admitted students to its postgraduate programmes on the basis of of GATE Score only amongst the candidates registered online for the admission, through screening committee and selection committee. The final selection of the candidates for Sponsored (Full-Time) and Part-Time course shall be made by the Selection Committee on the basis of their performance at the qualifying examination, written test and interview.. The intake of students to these postgraduate programmes is 23 each.

Doctorate Programmes
The University offers Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree programmes in following fields:
  1. Electronics and Communication Engineering
  2. Computer Engineering Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  3. Manufacturing Process and Automation Engineering
  4. Information Technology
  5. Bio-Technology Management Studies
  6. Humanities and Social Sciences
  7. Mathematics
  8. Physics
  9. Chemistry
Academic System

Guidelines for Ph.D. and M.Tech