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NSUT has a strong culture of student activities. Numerous societies are active on campus that aim to inculcate team values & nurture talent within students. These clubs attract students from all walks of life, cutting across departments. This gives students a chance to experiment with their interests and hobbies.

A list of societies & clubs active in campus is given below.

Recreational Clubs

▪ Ashwamedh - The Dramatics Society

▪ Crescendo - The Music Society

▪ Junoon - The Photography Club

▪ Mirage - The Western Dance Crew

▪ Choreography Society

▪ Spic Macay - NSUT Chapter

Technical Societies



▪ Control Delvers

Non-Technical Societies

▪ Enactus NSUT

▪ Finance & Economics Society

▪ The Management & Consulting Club

▪ E-Cell NSUT


Literary Clubs

▪ The Alliance - NSUT’s newspape

▪ Crosslinks - The Media Management Society

▪ Debating Society of NSUT

▪ The Magzine

▪ The NSUT Quiz Club

▪ Flashback - The Yearbook Society

▪ The Page Turners

▪ Reminisce - NSUT’s Alumni Magazine

Automotive Clubs

▪ NSUT Solar Car Concept

▪ Bullet Hawk Racing

▪ NSUT Motorsports

▪ NSUT Moon Buggy

Community Service Initiatives/u>

▪ NSUT Rotaract Club

▪ Neighborhood Project

▪ Teach for India - NSUT Chapter


▪ CollegeSpace

▪ NSITOnline