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Welcome to Central Computer Centre , NSUT Delhi

Our mission at Central Computer centre is to provide sustainable and reliable academic and administrative technology services. We are dedicated towards strengthening the Institutes’ mission of achieving excellence in academia & research, student-cantered learning and institutional efficacy through best-in-class IT services.

To facilitate the use of the latest information technology in University teaching, learning, research and administration; to provide an excellent network environment that facilitates the access and exchange of information; to put innovation in  technology transfer to assist the Institute in Its  mission; to enable faculty, staff and students to use the computer and network resources  effectively and efficiently and  aim to provide the best quality IT services in the region, the Computer Centre at NSUT continued to re-engineer the process of its service operations for increased productivity and better quality. The computer centre consists of Approx. 400 computer sets that provide computing facilities of the latest machines linked to a Wide range of software, communication and print services.
Centre of Computing and Networking (CCN) is a central facility, established in 2020  which caters to the needs of academic departments and various sections of the institute.  Centre has one of the best Infrastructures in the region In terms of computing facilities, Internet facilities and Campus Wide Networking.

Various important software are available in the University:
 MS-Office Professional -2016 English   
• Windows Vista., Windows XP-2 , Windows 7, Widows 12
• RVM Cad (pro / engineer/ cad/cam)
• Oracle Standard Edition (l0g, 9i)
• Turbo C++ IDE
• MS Visual Studio 2005, 2008
• Visual PROLOG, Turbo Prolog
• Python

compurter centre