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Central Workshop

                                                        Central Workshop

                                            Department of Management Studies

1) Two day workshop on “Design Thinking” by Prof. Mohammad Sharique Farooqi on 09.08.2019 & 13.08.2019.

2) Dr. Rakesh Shankar Jha was invited to conduct workshops on “Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning” on 9.09.2019.

3) Two day workshop on “Opportunity Assessment Plan” by Mr. Rahul Pandey was organized on 09.10.2019 & 10.10.2019.

4) A workshop on “Problem Solving Skills with Case Studies-I” by Dr. Shamsher Singh held on14.10.2019.

5) One day workshop on “Stock Market Trading and Strategy Simulation” was conducted by Prof Sandeep Mann on 15.10.2019.

6) One day workshop on "The World of Fintech" by Mr. Sunil Aggarwal held on 23.10.2019.

7) One day workshop on “Problem Solving Skills with Case Studies-II” by Mr. Hair Kishan Gupta was conducted on 25.10.2019.

8) Dr. Rakesh Shankar Jha was invited to conduct workshops on “Distribution and Promotion Decisions” on 04.11.2019.

9) Dr. Manusheel Gupta, Aspiring Investments Corp (President) & Software for Education, Entertainment and Training Activities (CEO) enlightened the students on the topic “Venture Development, Industry and Business Analytic, Ideation & Organizations Management-I & II” in the workshop held in the department.

10) Workshop on “Round up of Entrepreneurship Scene in US-10 caselets & The World of Currency Trading-Day Trading-Hands on Skill of Making 20% Monthly on investment” conducted by Sh Sandeep Mann on 05.02.2020.

11) Workshop titled “Management and Improvement of Performance in Startups” organized on 19.02.2020 was taken by Dr. Rakesh Shankar Jha.

12) Dr. Pramod Joshi, Head HR and Training at the Noida Special Economic Zone, was invited to conduct expert talk on “Leadership through a Journey of Self Awareness (The P- Tree)”.