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The NSUT graduate network - over 5000 graduates - is always ready to help you with networking opportunity and career advice. From Australia to North America, NSUT graduates can be found in every major corporation and research house around the globe. Many graduates are highly accomplished in their respective fields, further enhancing the recognition of quality education at NSUT.

Our alumni serve as mentors and advisors and encourage employers to hire NSUT graduates for internships and permanent positions. These are powerful career resources for you. Upon graduation, we will count on your contribution to this expanding network.

Online Alumni Directory

The Alumni Directory provides students with easy access to up-to-date alumni information. Students use the web-enabled database to exchange valuable information and to network.

Supporting NSUT

The value of giving back to the alma mater is part of NSUT culture. The number of alumni who consistently give back to NSUT has seen a vast increase in the recent past. These individuals provide lasting legacies in form of endowments and funding for development of academic and extra-curricular activities. In fact, the development of this website was completely funded by NSIT alumni. As the school fulfills its mission of educating leaders for business and scientific community, your generous help can help us reach important milestones. If you wish to find out how you can make a difference at NSUT, please contact us at

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