Community Service Initiatives

Captcha Logo Rotaract Club of NSIT Regency, the official social service club in NSIT, is a Rotary sponsored club for young men and women between the ages 18 to 30. It is a part of Rotaract District 3010. Established in April 2009, currently it has more than 800 members and a dedicated Core Team. The objective of the Club is to address the social and physical needs of the community and enhance leadership and management skills of the young students by involving them insocial, entrepreneurial & technical activities that aims at development of the community around us.

NSIT Rotaract Club has been dynamically involved in education, skill building and community services at the slum sites, initiating collection drives, pioneering the cause related to mentally challenged children, organizing managerial activities & workshops and events, and also engaged in handing technical support like website designing, database management for some NGO’s.

Through the club many members get a chance to be part of international exchange programs (IDYEPs) wherein many get chance to host Rotaractors from other countries. NSIT Rotaract Club also provides social entrepreneurship opportunities to students in projects like Sankalp and have collaborations with leading NGO’s in Delhi like Goonj, Jaagrit and Masoom Duniya. Goonj is committed to “Making clothing a matter of concern”, Masoom Duniya takes care of mentally and physically challenged children while Jaagriti works in the field of literacy and child empowerment.

Every single step with the right motive in the right direction leads to big differences. With this vision in our eyes and the earnest desires to address the issues gripping our society from time and burgeoning day by day, we wanted to get the answers to the endless debates our own way! What role do we play in making world a better place to live in? How do we bring more equality and justice to those less fortunate than us? How do we obtain the support of our counterparts to deliver their best in all they do with an urge to serve others alive in their hearts?

We believe nation building is a collective process, and not an individual one.. In the neighbourhood project, through our small endeavours we search for the answers to these questions. We feel it is our social responsibility to value the lives of others, and bring about a necessary change by dedicating a small portion of our lives to them.

We hold workshops for slum children, we organise collection drives, we spread awareness about the problems of the society, we interact with poor and try to provide technical solutions to them. With this and more, search for the answers is still on, and will go on! These activities leave us socially more sensitive and sound! Bit by bit, 'The Neighbourhood Project' has touched upon many lives in the past and will continue to do so in the near future!