Department of Chemistry


Location:Room No. 218 and 219 of Block VI.

The Department of Physics is having Physics-1 Lab for first semester. There are Physics Labs for Computer Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Manufacturing Process and Automation, Information Technology and Biotechnology students. The first semester experiments are based upon the theory of Mechanics and Optics which covers the phenomena of Interference, Diffraction, Polarization and optical instruments.

In second semester, the Physics labs are having the practicals for the Computer Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Instrumentation and Control Engineering and Biotechnology students. The Lab course curriculum covers the theory of Electro magnetism, Magnetism, Semiconductor and Nuclear Physics.

Location:Room No. 15 & 16, Block-VI

Materials Analysis and Research Laboratory at NSIT Dwarka was established in 2011 to pursue research and provide education in the interdisciplinary field of Materials Science and Technology. The field of study encompasses the techniques for synthesis and characterization of bulk as well as nano materials. In addition, the research of this lab focuses heavily on a variety of engineering materials like multiferroics, ceramics, electro-elastic materials, heterostructures, composites and electronic materials. This laboratory has provided support for more than 6 Ph.Ds and pioneered a unified approach in research to develop state of the art materials and processes for specialized sensing applications. The research scholars at Material Analysis and Research Lab, NSIT has been published research papers in reputed international journal like Applied Physics Letters, IEEE sensors, Material Letters, Nano science and Nano Technology, Sensors letters, Journal of Material Science: Material in Electronics, etc. At present the lab offers facilities like synthesis and preparation of materials (dielectrics, ceramics, and ferrites), in addition to the computational facilities.

Location:Room No. 316, Block-6.

The Research Lab for Energy Systems consists of facilities for advanced level research in Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells is situated in Room No. 316 of Block VI. The facility of synthesizing nano-structured materials, thin films has been setup for various device applications such as Solar Cells.

The laboratory is equipped with various apparatus such as Spin Coating Unit, High Temperature Furnace, Heating Oven, Ultrasonicator, Bench Top PH meter, Autoclave, Hot plate with Magnetic stirrer, Vacuum Oven, Rotatory Evaporator, Fume hood and Basic Solar Simulator System for Silicon Solar Cell. The lab is equipped with the latest version of characterization equipments such as Biologic Electrochemical workstation.

This laboratory is supporting the Ph.D. scholar in Department of Physics in the synthesis of Nanomaterials for Solar Energy Applications. The research scholars under the umbrella of Research Lab for Energy Systems have published research papers in reputed international journals like Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Materials Letters, Ceramic International, Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, Journal of Material Electronics, Chinese Physics B etc.