Department of Information Technology

Undergraduate and Research Labs

Location: Room No. 201, Block V

General information about the lab
Real Time Lab of Information Technology Division give its students an opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge for finding solutions of challenging practical problems.

Location: Room No. 203, Block V

General information about the lab
Internet & Web Technology Lab of Information Technology Division gives a student an opportunity to implement the concepts of internet and web technology domain for finding solutions of challenging practical problems and explore with implementation.

Internet & Web Technology Lab deals with the design, development, testing and maintenance of Web applications. It is used to create high-quality WebApps.

Internet & Web Technology Lab has tools to implement the protocols for communication networks, interfacing to databases, programming of graphical user interfaces, or structuring information also deals with web designing techniques that make students to innovate their designing skills using DHTML, Java Script, servlet and construction of instant messenger.

The objective of this lab is to develop ability among students to design and implement static and dynamic website and use PHP and .Net tools. This Lab is a part of programming world of XML Technologies, XML Tags, Database Handling with PHP and XML.

Location: Room No. 202, Block V

General information about the lab
The Mobile Computing Lab of Information Technology Division of NSIT is well equipped with the latest hardware and software. The Lab is widely used by the undergraduate students to learn various concepts of wireless networks and mobile computing. It provides a facility to the students to practically implement various problems related to networking and explore their solutions. Since the Lab is equipped with computer systems having WiFi cards, the students can easily broadcast and receive network connections. They can focus and lay emphasis on designing and evaluating mobile systems, protocols and various applications. In other words, this lab supports various tools for implementing protocols for networks and interfacing/connecting to the databases. The lab also allows the students to conduct research and innovations in many areas of wireless networks to enable them to broaden their horizons in this field of knowledge.