Division of Biological Sciences and Engineering

General Information

Biotechnology is set to revolutionize human life and the society. It is one among the most dynamic areas of science and engineering today, which represents a synthesis of evolving technologies that will propel the industries towards sustainable development. Today, this growing discipline is poised on the interface of various subjects that contribute to the growth of pharmaceutical, agricultural, food and many other industries.

The present Department of Biological Sciences and Engineering was conceived with the aim of creating well-trained human resource to fulfil the growing demand in various sectors of Biotechnology. The Department was started during the academic session 2004-05.

The Department presently offers-

B.Tech Biotechnology - NSUT Delhi offers admission to this 4-year Bachelor's program (B.Tech) in the department, with an intake of sixty students per year. This four year program imparts in-depth knowledge of Basic and advance/applied courses in Biotechnology. Under the CBCS system, the course is enriched with a range of subjects from different Departments of the University. The core courses lay a basic and strong foundation in the science behind Biotechnology as well as its industrial applications including Structural Biology, Bioinformatics, Microbiology, Immunology, Nanotechnology and Biochemical engineering. Foundation electives provide for all round individual development while open electives allow students to enrich themselves in skills offered by other Departments. Apart from this, a large number of tutorials, practical classes, training, seminar and project are built into the curriculum to provide hands on experience to students.

M.Tech Biochemical Engineering-We offer admission to a 2-year master program with an intake of 18 students per year. The curriculum has been designed in order to provide all students with background in Biochemical Engineering. The curriculum primarily focuses on the interaction between the disciplines of Chemical Engineering, Enzyme technology, Bio Chemistry, and Microbiology. Applications of the specialty are found in pharmaceutical, food and water treatment industries etc.

M.Tech Bioinformatics-We offer admission to a 2-year master program with an intake of 18 students per year. The curriculum has been designed in order to provide in-depth knowledge in Bioinformatics, computational biology, and to provide knowledge regarding the use of IT in the field of bioinformatics. Apart from core competency courses for bioinformatics, this program provides a choice of electives both from the biology as well as IT domains. Several of these electives are project based, providing practical training to the students.

PhD Program- Ph.D. degree programme is offered in various areas of specialization by the faculty members. The Faculty members and the students of the Department conducts research in diverse areas of basic and applied biology. These include Microbiology, Cell & Molecular Biology and Structural & Computational Biology. The department has developed necessary facilities and infrastructure to support teaching and research activities.